We’re a hand in hand brand building design studio. That isn’t wordplay but work-in-action achieved through close collaboration between your brand and Durham with a strong emphasis on deliverables and long-term brand positioning.

We believe anything worth making is better built together, and the 3-step process we created for working with clients reflects this: 


Finding the Brand
Research | Position & Strategy

Listening, understanding, and gathering as much knowledge as possible about your company through insights and consumer research aids in crafting your unique story. Utilizing this story to find the appropriate placement for your brand within its market will drive points of differentiation and right to win.


Building the Brand
Ideation | Creation | Refine | Finalize

This is the beginning stage–the building blocks–of crafting your brand. We design and refine what’s working to insure all considerations, expectations and targets are on-sight and in focus.


Implementing the Brand

Implementing  various engagement points targeted towards your specific consumer will be executed to flex brand muscle where needed. A final high five on the job well done may be exchanged in person or via any digi-meeting.

Our Rules.
Our Why.

We’re Relational,
not Transactional
Our work and worth is rooted in people, not projects. We invest in long-term relationships with our clients and are committed to building their brand hand-in-hand for lasting portfolios.
We Represent
Authenticity in Action
Authenticity is everything, and it  applies to both our relationships and our work output. Whether individually, culturally or externally, we seek genuine experiences in every aspect of our work, which translates into authentic brands for our clients.
We’re Stewards for Good Design by Design
Stewardship is not a design program, it’s a process that shapes story, identity and character. When those three values are present, our work speaks for itself. We understand that we’re not just stewards of our clients' trust but also of our own core mission and values.

We’re Champions
of Community
We’re a product of our environment, influenced by our city and region with a responsibility to build something beyond just a beefy client list. Design is work, and we view our work as a way to give back, build anew, and be champions for the future of our city and region and our clients’ success.
We Work Hard and Stay True
This rule speaks for itself.


1 Hotels
Braxton Brewing Co.
New Belgium
New Riff Distilling
Old Spice
Sazerac Co.
United Way
We’re proud to partner with some of our favorite people, and thankful to call them clients. Our work creates value through dedicated partnerships and fostered collaborations that go beyond the typical client-to-contractor working relationship. Years of brand advocacy and stewardship have allowed us to become an essential resource for our clients, sometimes deemed their ‘Internal Team’. Our priority has always been relationship driven and focused on building lasting partnerships outside of a portfolio. Our work is proven and what our clients say about Durham is proof.
A Distinctly Different
Design Studio™

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